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Raz Technologies is a client of ours. They have been in business for many years and have a large customer base. Over the years they have seen their customer base dwindle as they are being outpriced by other vendors. To combat this, Raz wanted to offer their customers an incentive to renew their service with them.

The end result was a sleek and user-friendly website that allows Raz Technologies to manage their inventory, track orders, and process payments with ease. Thanks to our efforts, Raz Technologies has been able to take their business to the next level and achieve the level of success they always dreamed of.


Raz Technologies came to us with a problem. They had an e-commerce website, but it wasn’t converting visitors into customers. Their bounce rate was high and their conversion rate was low.

We took a look at their website and quickly identified the problem. Their website wasn’t mobile-friendly and it wasn’t optimised for search engines. We implemented a mobile-friendly design and made sure their website was optimised for search engines.

Since working with us, Raz Technologies has seen a significant increase in their conversion rate. Their bounce rate has decreased and they’re now generating more sales through their e-commerce website.


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Alexander Greenwood



We helped Raz Technologies to make their e-commerce website by providing them with quality content. We’re very happy with the end result of the e-commerce website for Raz Technologies. The whole process was very smooth and efficient, thanks to the great team at WebShopApps. We love the design and layout of the site, and our customers have been very happy with it as well.

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