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Bharatpicks Private Limited blends the richness of Indian cultural treasures with cutting-edge technological solutions, creating a dynamic platform for discovery and innovation.

Who we are & what we do

  • At Bharatpicks Private Limited, we are passionate about curating and promoting the essence of Indian culture through our diverse range of products.
  • Our multivendor e-commerce platform welcomes artisans and sellers to showcase their creations, fostering a community-driven marketplace where tradition meets modernity.
  • we specialize in digital marketing services, leveraging our expertise to elevate brands’ online presence and drive meaningful engagement.
  • At Bharatpicks, we are committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, striving to redefine the intersection of culture, technology, and commerce.



About the Director - Razat Naik

2009 - Managing Director @ P3 Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

During his college days in Manipal, he started his first company with his seniors in Manipal.

2014 - M.Tech @ NIT Warangal

After qualifying GATE, Razat pursued his M.Tech at NIT Warangal.

2016 - Raz Technologies

Launched Raz Technologies, specializing in CCTV & GPS Solutions.

2022 - BharatPicks Private Limited

We Incorporated our Company as Private Limited

2023 - Digital Marketing @ IIM Kolkata

In 2023, I completed my digital marketing course from IIM Kolkata.

2023 - Uttarakhand Music Festival

Managed Digital Marketing campaign for UMF, resulting in significant success.

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