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Raz Technologies
Single Page Responsive Website Design
Project summery

In this project, we will be discussing how we made a single page website for Raz Technologies. This project was Delivered in 2 Days.

They wanted a single Page website with responsive Design. The home page would have a short description of their their products and services.

Once the website was complete, we tested it on multiple browsers and devices. We also asked the client to test it out and give us feedback. After making some minor tweaks, we launched the website!

The client was happy with the final product and so were we! It was a great project to work on and we are proud of the end result.


What’s the best way to create a website that’s both fast and responsive? In our opinion, it’s by using a single page design. And that’s exactly what we did for Raz Technologies.

We started by evaluating Raz Technologies’ existing website. We looked at the content and structure of the site and identified areas that could be improved. We also took into account the company’s goals and objectives for the new site.

 The end result is a fast, modern website that looks great on any device.


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Alexander Greenwood



We are very happy with the end result of our single page website for Raz Technologies. The whole process was very smooth and we are extremely satisfied with the final product. We would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a great single page website.

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